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    For up to the date information please visit: Alís Polish-American Genealogy Research Blog.

    Willow Family Tree by Al Wierzba

    The roots of my genealogical journey started years ago, when I learned that my Wierzba
    family name meant "Willow" in Polish. My direct Wierzba family in the United States is
    traced back to Vincent Wierzba Sr. and his wife Victoria Zywicki who lived in Sharon,
    Portage County, Wisconsin. Though I have always had an interest in my family history,
    I've only recently began to dig deeply into my families past. In this short time I've been
    able able to connect 4 Wierzba families that arrived in Milwaukee between June 11-21, 1872.
    These Wierzba families now stretch from Milwaukee and Chicago to Portage County. Besides
    learning of all my "related" Wierzba's, I've also learned of my Kaszubian heritage. Learning
    of my families history and heritage has been a changing point in my life and I have only
    scratched the service.

    This website contains my Wierzba family ancestry, along with my family histories on
    surnames: Tobiasz, Andrzejczak, Kobs, Krzymianowski, Pluskota, Nowak, and more.
    I hope other researchers will find this information useful and helpful.

    Please note that not all data in family file has been verified and some requires
    additional research. Family genealogy file is updated as additional data becomes available.

   Willow Family Tree at www.Bigalke.biz/willowfamilytree maintained by Susan Chapman. Copyright © 2006-2024.

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