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Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adamscheck, Carl III Christopher  8 Aug 1910Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I165808 Myron Felckowski Tree 
2 Adamscheck, Glen L.  11 Sep 1906Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I165807 Myron Felckowski Tree 
3 Anderson, Dolores E.  22 Oct 1924Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I102377 Myron Felckowski Tree 
4 Bennett, Patrick S.  14 Apr 1922Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I176723 Myron Felckowski Tree 
5 Benz, William John  10 Aug 1921Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I124086 Myron Felckowski Tree 
6 Bowes, Clarence Claude  8 Apr 1922Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I201051 Myron Felckowski Tree 
7 Bowes, James  22 Apr 1947Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I201059 Myron Felckowski Tree 
8 Boyer, Evelyn A.  21 Jan 1911Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I59593 Myron Felckowski Tree 
9 Boyer, Florence G.  13 May 1912Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I81527 Myron Felckowski Tree 
10 Boyer, Kathryn  23 Nov 1914Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I59595 Myron Felckowski Tree 
11 Boyles, Frank Sr Oliver  7 Oct 1914Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I90822 Myron Felckowski Tree 
12 Czlapinski, Martin Jr A. ((Cziapinski))  25 Sep 1911Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I178704 Myron Felckowski Tree 
13 Dake, Mildred I.  17 Sep 1902Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I86702 Myron Felckowski Tree 
14 Disher, Edmund Frank  26 Nov 1915Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I10656 Myron Felckowski Tree 
15 Elsen, Agnes Mary  16 Jan 1939Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I45055 Myron Felckowski Tree 
16 Firkus, Francis  16 Jun 1943Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I12108 Myron Felckowski Tree 
17 Footit, Cecilia A.  17 Jan 1899Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I97065 Myron Felckowski Tree 
18 Gaber, Agnes Elizabeth  8 Jul 1909Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I35752 Myron Felckowski Tree 
19 Gaber, Anna Marie  25 Jul 1903Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I35750 Myron Felckowski Tree 
20 Gaber, Kenneth Edward  20 Jul 1944Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I35779 Myron Felckowski Tree 
21 Gaber, Leonard John  23 Nov 1921Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I35754 Myron Felckowski Tree 
22 Gaber, Raymond Anton  7 Sep 1911Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I35753 Myron Felckowski Tree 
23 Gavre, Florence  7 Nov 1907Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I189083 Myron Felckowski Tree 
24 Gavre, Joseph  8 Aug 1905Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I189082 Myron Felckowski Tree 
25 Goodness, Pamela L. (Frost)  4 Jan 1958Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I152320 Myron Felckowski Tree 
26 Hansen, George A.  1 Apr 1901Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I79532 Myron Felckowski Tree 
27 Henschel, Frederick Leonard  25 May 1904Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I186644 Myron Felckowski Tree 
28 Herms, Caroline M.  26 Jan 1910Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I190691 Myron Felckowski Tree 
29 Hoffman, Mary Magdalene  16 Aug 1922Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I200155 Myron Felckowski Tree 
30 Kessler, Donald  19 May 1922Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I102367 Myron Felckowski Tree 
31 Kubisiak, Martin  10 Nov 1897Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I95016 Myron Felckowski Tree 
32 Kuhn, Mary Ann  11 May 1925Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I172267 Myron Felckowski Tree 
33 Lee, Robert E. Sr  24 Oct 1928Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I38685 Myron Felckowski Tree 
34 LeRoux, Nora  29 May 1899Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I123661 Myron Felckowski Tree 
35 Mertes, Aloysius Jr  25 Jul 1932Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I152381 Myron Felckowski Tree 
36 Milkey, Donald Irving  17 Feb 1935Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I189338 Myron Felckowski Tree 
37 Milkey, John Anthony Jr  30 Jan 1912Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I189336 Myron Felckowski Tree 
38 Milkey, Thomas Jr Francis  2 Oct 1920Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I48643 Myron Felckowski Tree 
39 Mlsna, Marilyn M.  26 Nov 1943Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I93384 Myron Felckowski Tree 
40 Nelson, Irene Mae  1 Aug 1907Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I193660 Myron Felckowski Tree 
41 Neugart, Hazel Claire  27 Sep 1914Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I199515 Myron Felckowski Tree 
42 Oleson, Curtis (Curt Olsen)  18 Mar 1939Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I145495 Myron Felckowski Tree 
43 Pelot, Felix  2 Nov 1908Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I26352 Myron Felckowski Tree 
44 Pelot, Pearl M.  25 Mar 1906Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I26347 Myron Felckowski Tree 
45 Pischke, Fred William  10 May 1901Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I106165 Myron Felckowski Tree 
46 Podvin, Kenneth B.  24 Apr 1914Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I125980 Myron Felckowski Tree 
47 Rowe, Lewis Harold  13 Mar 1929Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I167000 Myron Felckowski Tree 
48 Smith, Clarence A.  1 Nov 1911Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I56089 Myron Felckowski Tree 
49 Szymanski, Eleanor J.  1 Aug 1901Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I191030 Myron Felckowski Tree 
50 Taylor, Minnie H.  7 Nov 1911Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I21562 Myron Felckowski Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allison, Libbie (Elizebeth)  24 Feb 1930Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I148846 Myron Felckowski Tree 
2 Allison, Lillian  12 Jul 1933Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I135354 Myron Felckowski Tree 
3 Anderson, Dorothy Ruth  31 Jan 1994Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I138194 Myron Felckowski Tree 
4 Applebee, Harrell Percy  23 Jun 1996Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I169845 Myron Felckowski Tree 
5 Arendt, George Jr  30 Jun 1999Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I106386 Myron Felckowski Tree 
6 Aron, Dominic  13 Dec 1977Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I101418 Myron Felckowski Tree 
7 Aron, Steve (Stephen)  30 Jun 2001Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I50324 Myron Felckowski Tree 
8 Augustiniak, Catherine  28 Feb 1985Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I96061 Myron Felckowski Tree 
9 Baierl, Mary  8 Nov 1954Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I195082 Myron Felckowski Tree 
10 Beck, Paul Sr J. (Pawlovski)  13 Jan 1962Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I138745 Myron Felckowski Tree 
11 Bohm, Ethel  7 Nov 2010Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I101258 Myron Felckowski Tree 
12 Bowes, Sharon Marie  5 Jul 1984Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I201052 Myron Felckowski Tree 
13 Bredl, Michael F.  17 Jan 1965Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I198767 Myron Felckowski Tree 
14 Britten, Floyd  7 Oct 1993Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I40549 Myron Felckowski Tree 
15 Buchanan, John Sr W. or S.  26 Aug 1940Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I137723 Myron Felckowski Tree 
16 Buelow, Lorraine  26 Jul 2009Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I101922 Myron Felckowski Tree 
17 Casey, Norman Joseph  10 Feb 2008Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I179204 Myron Felckowski Tree 
18 Eaton, Grace M. (Richmond)  21 Sep 1974Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I96016 Myron Felckowski Tree 
19 Eberhardt, Arvilla Louise  12 Mar 1968Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I106142 Myron Felckowski Tree 
20 Elmer, Edna  10 Nov 1981Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I35735 Myron Felckowski Tree 
21 Elsen, Hubert Sr Matthew  23 Nov 1992Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I45052 Myron Felckowski Tree 
22 Eskritt, Lucille F.  11 Nov 1997Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I89581 Myron Felckowski Tree 
23 Fahl, Willard  21 Oct 1998Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I197399 Myron Felckowski Tree 
24 Felch, Hubert Neil  18 Feb 1994Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I169844 Myron Felckowski Tree 
25 Firkus, Francis  1 Feb 1947Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I12108 Myron Felckowski Tree 
26 Gaber, Anna Marie  26 May 1991Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I35750 Myron Felckowski Tree 
27 Gaber, Kenneth Edward  13 Sep 1950Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I35779 Myron Felckowski Tree 
28 Gabur, Anton Jr Wilhelm  2 Dec 1923Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I35728 Myron Felckowski Tree 
29 Garske, Louis William Edgar  26 Sep 1936Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I175989 Myron Felckowski Tree 
30 Gavre, Stanislaus (Gourychowski Lovohoski)  10 Apr 1930Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I151145 Myron Felckowski Tree 
31 Gilbert, Jane Ellen  23 Apr 1950Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I175739 Myron Felckowski Tree 
32 Gilbert, William Harold  20 Jan 1993Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I138201 Myron Felckowski Tree 
33 Gilman, Donald H.  30 Jul 1972Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I123327 Myron Felckowski Tree 
34 Goodness, Leonard  2 Dec 2006Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I199563 Myron Felckowski Tree 
35 Gorecki, Joseph  24 Mar 1938Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I138450 Myron Felckowski Tree 
36 Gustin, George William  7 Oct 1937Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I188800 Myron Felckowski Tree 
37 Gustin, Timothy Donald  28 Feb 1958Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I174098 Myron Felckowski Tree 
38 Haessly, Arnold II E.  29 Oct 2004Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I195362 Myron Felckowski Tree 
39 Hagen, Lois M.  29 Jun 2014Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I188696 Myron Felckowski Tree 
40 Hasenohrl, Frank J.  14 Jan 2005Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I198772 Myron Felckowski Tree 
41 Haumschild, Lawrence John  6 Jun 2014Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I172773 Myron Felckowski Tree 
42 Heeg, William Sr Conrad  30 Jun 1956Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I144876 Myron Felckowski Tree 
43 Henschel, Frederick Leonard  5 Jun 1967Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I186644 Myron Felckowski Tree 
44 Hetzel, Ervin W.  12 Dec 1988Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I190033 Myron Felckowski Tree 
45 Hintz, Augusta (Gusta)  19 Mar 1960Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I83064 Myron Felckowski Tree 
46 Hintz, Martha Marciana  21 Apr 1973Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I83063 Myron Felckowski Tree 
47 Hoffman, Mary Magdalene  28 Jun 2010Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I200155 Myron Felckowski Tree 
48 Hopp, Clarence  Sep 1972Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I71993 Myron Felckowski Tree 
49 Johnson, Mildred Rose  17 Sep 1984Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I187586 Myron Felckowski Tree 
50 Kaminski, Bernice  5 Jan 1948Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I5830 Myron Felckowski Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allison, Libbie (Elizebeth)  27 Feb 1930Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I148846 Myron Felckowski Tree 
2 Anderson, Dolores E.  7 Jul 2010Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I102377 Myron Felckowski Tree 
3 Arendt, John Sr (Frank)  12 Oct 1926Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I30167 Myron Felckowski Tree 
4 Arendt, Kathryn Mary  24 Jul 1969Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I143761 Myron Felckowski Tree 
5 Beck, Joseph (Pawlovski)  8 Apr 1958Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I138747 Myron Felckowski Tree 
6 Beck, Paul Sr J. (Pawlovski)  16 Jan 1962Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I138745 Myron Felckowski Tree 
7 Blumenstein, Henry Mark  20 Mar 1967Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I121078 Myron Felckowski Tree 
8 Brayback, Elizabeth Mary  21 Aug 1963Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I121077 Myron Felckowski Tree 
9 Brost, Alice Mary  6 Oct 1984Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I28336 Myron Felckowski Tree 
10 Buelow, Irma I.  24 Apr 2007Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I92387 Myron Felckowski Tree 
11 Cahill, Edward Owen  8 May 1971Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I143762 Myron Felckowski Tree 
12 Cole, Mathilda  16 Jan 1939Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I138766 Myron Felckowski Tree 
13 Footit, Carl  14 Mar 1968Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I125064 Myron Felckowski Tree 
14 Grau, Barbara  28 Jan 1943Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I143768 Myron Felckowski Tree 
15 Hintz, Augusta (Gusta)  22 Mar 1960Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I83064 Myron Felckowski Tree 
16 Kessler, Margaret  3 Oct 1987Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I102366 Myron Felckowski Tree 
17 Lasky, Richard P.  1 Dec 2007Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I115304 Myron Felckowski Tree 
18 Moe, Bonnie Eleanor  15 Sep 1980Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I105406 Myron Felckowski Tree 
19 Novack, Herman  21 May 1960Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I116777 Myron Felckowski Tree 
20 Otto, Martha S.  20 May 1950Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I97049 Myron Felckowski Tree 
21 Slyvaisky, Mary  8 Apr 1947Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I143757 Myron Felckowski Tree 
22 Staege, Dale Robert  8 Oct 1948Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I105405 Myron Felckowski Tree 
23 Staege, Leslie Wilbur  6 Mar 1982Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I62136 Myron Felckowski Tree 
24 Staege, Milton James  24 Mar 1975Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I105402 Myron Felckowski Tree 
25 Szulczewski, Frank Xavier  26 Feb 1957Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I80341 Myron Felckowski Tree 
26 Weitz, Elisabeth (White)  24 Aug 1944Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I131181 Myron Felckowski Tree 
27 Zdrojewski, Mary Magdalen  6 Apr 1953Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I80313 Myron Felckowski Tree 
28 Zieman, John Sr V.  4 Oct 1950Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I131180 Myron Felckowski Tree 
29 Zieman, Katherine  21 Mar 2007Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I131178 Myron Felckowski Tree 
30 Zieman, Valentine Sr  8 Jan 1964Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I102375 Myron Felckowski Tree 
31 Ziemann, Valentine Jr  Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I131177 Myron Felckowski Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence1    Person ID   Tree 
1 Smoodie, Lawrence (Laureutius Zmudzinski)  1903Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA I61573 Myron Felckowski Tree 


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bowes / Leyer  24 Feb 1943Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F75579 Myron Felckowski Tree 
2 Bruley / Milka  20 Jun 1906Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F46384 Myron Felckowski Tree 
3 Cahill / Arendt  9 Jan 1915Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F52950 Myron Felckowski Tree 
4 Campbell / Hotchkiss  3 Aug 1946Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F27598 Myron Felckowski Tree 
5 Cummings / Unknown  Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F35133 Myron Felckowski Tree 
6 Czlapinski / Flaig  1 Jun 1955Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F18156 Myron Felckowski Tree 
7 Diggles / Westover  12 Aug 1961Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F66301 Myron Felckowski Tree 
8 Driscoll / Swanson  19 Aug 1941Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F42003 Myron Felckowski Tree 
9 Frost / Goodness  4 Sep 1942Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F56017 Myron Felckowski Tree 
10 Gaber / Sanger  4 Sep 1943Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F13912 Myron Felckowski Tree 
11 Henschel / Wanichek  22 Jun 1938Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F69524 Myron Felckowski Tree 
12 Holtz / Femling  3 Jun 1925Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F67924 Myron Felckowski Tree 
13 Kessler / Anderson  17 Apr 1945Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F38663 Myron Felckowski Tree 
14 Kirst / Wensierski  6 Jan 1908Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F62418 Myron Felckowski Tree 
15 Klappa / Gaber  25 Jun 1924Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F13905 Myron Felckowski Tree 
16 Konieczki / Iwanski  18 Nov 1924Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F42539 Myron Felckowski Tree 
17 Kosmatka / Hoffman  12 Jan 1946Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F75210 Myron Felckowski Tree 
18 Lewis / Soward  28 Apr 1952Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F74929 Myron Felckowski Tree 
19 Lischefski / Hofmeister  Jan 1946Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F26704 Myron Felckowski Tree 
20 Meddaugh / Esser  19 May 1962Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F36009 Myron Felckowski Tree 
21 Milkey / Garske  17 Aug 1908Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F46302 Myron Felckowski Tree 
22 Milkey / Hendricks  5 Jan 1916Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F46387 Myron Felckowski Tree 
23 O’Day / Erdman  Sep 1945Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F69779 Myron Felckowski Tree 
24 Pazurek / Roach  22 Nov 1922Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F69819 Myron Felckowski Tree 
25 Peplinski / Czaplinski  2 Aug 1910Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F6814 Myron Felckowski Tree 
26 Pichelmann / Allison  5 Feb 1955Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F12878 Myron Felckowski Tree 
27 Scheideler / Spaulding  24 Aug 1934Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F66178 Myron Felckowski Tree 
28 Schooley / Lewis  7 Jul 1962Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F75260 Myron Felckowski Tree 
29 Schultz / Abrahamson  13 Oct 1990Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F44144 Myron Felckowski Tree 
30 Severson / Unknown  29 Oct 1938Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F70429 Myron Felckowski Tree 
31 Smith / Heeg  7 Nov 1970Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F53319 Myron Felckowski Tree 
32 Smolarek / Smoodie  27 Jul 1914Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F47164 Myron Felckowski Tree 
33 Staege / Moe  20 Sep 1947Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F39672 Myron Felckowski Tree 
34 Stebbins / Szulczewski  18 Oct 1947Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F46659 Myron Felckowski Tree 
35 Steinke / Novak  2 Sep 1903Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F42897 Myron Felckowski Tree 
36 Szulczewski / Krubsack  9 Oct 1948Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F46645 Myron Felckowski Tree 
37 Taylor / Lee  28 Apr 1908Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F5997 Myron Felckowski Tree 
38 VanRuth / Milka  11 Nov 1911Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F46386 Myron Felckowski Tree 
39 Wirth / Wayerski  4 May 1925Nekoosa, Wood County, WI USA F13895 Myron Felckowski Tree