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Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aldrich, John C.  29 Apr 1922Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I47325 Myron Felckowski Tree 
2 Altmann, John Jr James  3 Mar 1927Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I146687 Myron Felckowski Tree 
3 Ambroziak, Zachary E.  5 Mar 1991Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I196761 Myron Felckowski Tree 
4 Arneson, Ruth  23 Feb 1927Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I135672 Myron Felckowski Tree 
5 Backhaus, Dorothy C. (Backus)  19 Nov 1898Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I48313 Myron Felckowski Tree 
6 Baltus, Suzanne Kay  21 Jan 1959Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I196469 Myron Felckowski Tree 
7 Baltus, Vernon Frederick  25 Aug 1928Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I196458 Myron Felckowski Tree 
8 Becker, Terrance (Terry) L.  4 Aug 1950Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I119599 Myron Felckowski Tree 
9 Bender, Robert Dean  20 Jan 1939Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I129929 Myron Felckowski Tree 
10 Bever, Fern L.  23 Sep 1899Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I123063 Myron Felckowski Tree 
11 Bohman, LaVern  20 Oct 1933Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I87034 Myron Felckowski Tree 
12 Bohman, Lloyd F.  25 Jul 1931Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I62958 Myron Felckowski Tree 
13 Bohman, Lucille B.  11 Jul 1923Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I62960 Myron Felckowski Tree 
14 Bohman, Luella A.  19 Sep 1941Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I62957 Myron Felckowski Tree 
15 Brandl, Lois F.  6 Jul 1930Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I148717 Myron Felckowski Tree 
16 Brandl, Patricia J.  30 Jun 1953Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I123423 Myron Felckowski Tree 
17 Brandl, Raymond C.  24 Nov 1943Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I123417 Myron Felckowski Tree 
18 Braunsky, Joyce P.  26 Nov 1923Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I30363 Myron Felckowski Tree 
19 Bremmer, Karl Jr  12 Jun 1933Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I148737 Myron Felckowski Tree 
20 Brock, Kenneth Richard  12 Mar 1950Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I60756 Myron Felckowski Tree 
21 Burkhardt, Ronald M.  28 Oct 1942Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I114290 Myron Felckowski Tree 
22 Bushman, Carol V.  31 Mar 1942Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I37929 Myron Felckowski Tree 
23 Carley, William O.  3 May 1919Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I61426 Myron Felckowski Tree 
24 Carroll, William Joseph  9 May 1956Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I129911 Myron Felckowski Tree 
25 Chesmore, Marcy  25 May 1971Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I126131 Myron Felckowski Tree 
26 Christensen, Henry (Hank) Thomas  24 Jan 1936Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I94702 Myron Felckowski Tree 
27 Christner, John L.  7 Jun 1940Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I185278 Myron Felckowski Tree 
28 Copps, Richard  17 Jul 1936Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I96332 Myron Felckowski Tree 
29 Crowley, Mary Jane  2 Sep 1921Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I33265 Myron Felckowski Tree 
30 Dallman, Clarence J.  18 Jul 1929Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I14887 Myron Felckowski Tree 
31 Dennee, Dawn Marie (Trzebiatowski)  29 Sep 1970Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I157248 Myron Felckowski Tree 
32 Dent, Allen R.  29 Nov 1938Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I148605 Myron Felckowski Tree 
33 Dhein, Edward Conrad  28 Jul 1896Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I182988 Myron Felckowski Tree 
34 Dickrell, Timothy R.  22 Jun 1960Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I61173 Myron Felckowski Tree 
35 Doherty, Lois L.  22 Aug 1930Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I198286 Myron Felckowski Tree 
36 Doyle, Michael Daniel II  5 Apr 1929Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I125351 Myron Felckowski Tree 
37 Draxler, Kenneth Arnold  24 Sep 1964Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I191135 Myron Felckowski Tree 
38 Drexler, Gerald (Jerry) A.  29 Feb 1940Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I187418 Myron Felckowski Tree 
39 Dupee, Agnes M.  27 Nov 1895Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I123860 Myron Felckowski Tree 
40 Eckes, Carl E.  1 Jun 1937Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I178045 Myron Felckowski Tree 
41 Eckes, Valeria (Viddie) J.  30 Jun 1930Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I186890 Myron Felckowski Tree 
42 Elvis, Bertha  19 Mar 1882Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I89674 Myron Felckowski Tree 
43 Ertl, Lorraine M.  9 Feb 1929Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I156301 Myron Felckowski Tree 
44 Fechhelm, Emmagene M.  15 Mar 1929Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I197451 Myron Felckowski Tree 
45 Firkus, Dustin Paul  Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I14721 Myron Felckowski Tree 
46 Flugaur, Lorraine V.  20 Oct 1916Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I112427 Myron Felckowski Tree 
47 Fochs, Nancy Lou  16 Jul 1963Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I190314 Myron Felckowski Tree 
48 Fuehrer, Marie Rosita  30 May 1923Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I126651 Myron Felckowski Tree 
49 Garbalagtys, Waneve (Evie)  17 Apr 1950Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I62160 Myron Felckowski Tree 
50 Gehler, Elizabeth M.  1 Mar 1918Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I43666 Myron Felckowski Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adamski, Alex  17 May 1982Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I27729 Myron Felckowski Tree 
2 Adamski, Helen Rose  6 Jun 1988Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I194715 Myron Felckowski Tree 
3 Adamski, Leo J.  4 Oct 2013Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I34946 Myron Felckowski Tree 
4 Albert, Ernest  11 May 1996Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I57458 Myron Felckowski Tree 
5 Aldrich, Carl Jr L.  21 Nov 1989Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I27085 Myron Felckowski Tree 
6 Aldrich, Carroll E.  10 Jan 1937Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I159946 Myron Felckowski Tree 
7 Alft, Francis Leroy  29 Dec 2006Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I166780 Myron Felckowski Tree 
8 Alft, Jerry James  5 May 2001Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I166779 Myron Felckowski Tree 
9 Altmann, Emma Johanna  3 Apr 1979Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I185266 Myron Felckowski Tree 
10 Altmann, Frank E.  16 Feb 2004Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I112970 Myron Felckowski Tree 
11 Altmann, John A.  28 Nov 1948Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I112964 Myron Felckowski Tree 
12 Altmann, John Jr James  10 Oct 1994Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I146687 Myron Felckowski Tree 
13 Altmann, Richard R.  23 Jun 2010Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I146688 Myron Felckowski Tree 
14 Anderson, Morris O.  20 Mar 2003Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I32215 Myron Felckowski Tree 
15 Anderson, Robert Louis  2 Jun 1997Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I186886 Myron Felckowski Tree 
16 Anderson, Thomas L.  1 Feb 1960Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I127479 Myron Felckowski Tree 
17 Armatoski, Rose Mary  23 May 1974Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I69401 Myron Felckowski Tree 
18 Arnold, Kevin P.  29 Dec 1999Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I146540 Myron Felckowski Tree 
19 Arnold, Robert J.  27 Feb 2005Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I146542 Myron Felckowski Tree 
20 Aron, Barbara M.  2 Apr 1984Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I101419 Myron Felckowski Tree 
21 Aron, Stacta  14 Oct 1983Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I101414 Myron Felckowski Tree 
22 Aron, Veronica  14 Dec 2000Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I99880 Myron Felckowski Tree 
23 Artz, Ginger Marie  12 Aug 2014Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I27952 Myron Felckowski Tree 
24 Aschbrenner, Katherine Marie  18 Aug 1944Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I47111 Myron Felckowski Tree 
25 Aschenbrenner, Edward H.  11 Apr 2004Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I113026 Myron Felckowski Tree 
26 Aschenbrenner, Elmer G.  29 Sep 1982Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I62963 Myron Felckowski Tree 
27 Ashbeck, Apollonia L.  1 Nov 1975Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I113004 Myron Felckowski Tree 
28 Ashbeck, John  30 Nov 1960Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I94432 Myron Felckowski Tree 
29 Ashbeck, Leonard Sr T.  28 Aug 2002Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I109781 Myron Felckowski Tree 
30 Ashbeck, Margaret Mary  17 Dec 2006Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I112504 Myron Felckowski Tree 
31 Ashbeck, Mary Joan  5 Oct 1962Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I198662 Myron Felckowski Tree 
32 Ashbeck, Monica V.  28 Feb 2007Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I113007 Myron Felckowski Tree 
33 Ashbeck, Peter Paul  19 Jan 1981Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I113000 Myron Felckowski Tree 
34 Ashbeck, Theresa  2 Apr 1949Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I114580 Myron Felckowski Tree 
35 Aue, Jeffery A.  18 Dec 2002Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I99917 Myron Felckowski Tree 
36 Augustine, John  14 Mar 1963Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I198042 Myron Felckowski Tree 
37 Augustine, Mary  8 Aug 1955Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I141689 Myron Felckowski Tree 
38 Babiak, Stella F.  27 Dec 2008Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I53211 Myron Felckowski Tree 
39 Babler, Elizabeth  9 Jul 1937Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I155500 Myron Felckowski Tree 
40 Bablitch, Rebecca A.  26 Aug 1987Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I99435 Myron Felckowski Tree 
41 Backaus, Adolph A.  9 Nov 1967Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I119392 Myron Felckowski Tree 
42 Baker, Margaret H.  17 Jul 1973Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I183995 Myron Felckowski Tree 
43 Baker, Myrtle May  8 Aug 1966Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I123402 Myron Felckowski Tree 
44 Baldwin, Luella  10 May 1963Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I199450 Myron Felckowski Tree 
45 Ballard, Jeanne L.  13 Feb 2004Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I102737 Myron Felckowski Tree 
46 Baltus, Suzanne Kay  16 Apr 2004Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I196469 Myron Felckowski Tree 
47 Baltus, Velma  26 Dec 2003Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I196459 Myron Felckowski Tree 
48 Baltus, Vernon Frederick  26 Dec 2014Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I196458 Myron Felckowski Tree 
49 Bannach, Henry E.  19 Apr 1995Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I67372 Myron Felckowski Tree 
50 Barden, Fern  5 Jan 1967Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I62267 Myron Felckowski Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Babler, Elizabeth  11 Jul 1937Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I155500 Myron Felckowski Tree 
2 Backaus, Lloyd (Backus)  17 Sep 1977Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I119391 Myron Felckowski Tree 
3 Bannach, Josephine  Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I67367 Myron Felckowski Tree 
4 Beranek, Catherine M.  5 Feb 2008Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I116188 Myron Felckowski Tree 
5 Bever, Fern L.  5 Jan 1991Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I123063 Myron Felckowski Tree 
6 Blodgett, Charles E.  5 Jun 1929Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I85332 Myron Felckowski Tree 
7 Bohm, Harold L.  27 Jun 2005Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I32546 Myron Felckowski Tree 
8 Bohman, Luella A.  13 Mar 2008Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I62957 Myron Felckowski Tree 
9 Booth, Etta (Nettie) Jeanette E.  9 Apr 1953Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I85331 Myron Felckowski Tree 
10 Brown, Virginia B. or K.  Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I109023 Myron Felckowski Tree 
11 Burkhardt, Melvin A.  7 Jan 2007Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I114291 Myron Felckowski Tree 
12 Cooper, Robert J.  12 Nov 2005Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I109021 Myron Felckowski Tree 
13 Daul, Pauline  5 Jun 1961Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I48129 Myron Felckowski Tree 
14 Elvis, Bertha  5 Aug 1904Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I89674 Myron Felckowski Tree 
15 Felker, Raymond L.  13 Aug 1973Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I119375 Myron Felckowski Tree 
16 Folz, Anna B. (Felz)  7 Jan 1959Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I102233 Myron Felckowski Tree 
17 Garbrecht, Harold A.  27 Nov 1971Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I80782 Myron Felckowski Tree 
18 Gates, Sherman W.  14 Aug 2007Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I105787 Myron Felckowski Tree 
19 Glaman, William  11 Dec 1925Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I87296 Myron Felckowski Tree 
20 Graff, Verne  1 Jul 1987Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I63682 Myron Felckowski Tree 
21 Hertel, Renee M.  20 Nov 1967Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I115173 Myron Felckowski Tree 
22 Hudock, Adolph P.  25 Jan 2006Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I108870 Myron Felckowski Tree 
23 King, Mildred Eileen  29 Jan 2009Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I131587 Myron Felckowski Tree 
24 Mancl, Raymond Sr J.  3 Jan 1986Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I123545 Myron Felckowski Tree 
25 Martin, Harley Sr P.  4 Sep 2002Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I84203 Myron Felckowski Tree 
26 Maurer, Joseph Sr  19 Nov 1928Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I131117 Myron Felckowski Tree 
27 McGivern, Michael Jr  15 Sep 1930Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I142615 Myron Felckowski Tree 
28 Miller, Audrey I.  11 Apr 2007Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I92193 Myron Felckowski Tree 
29 Oligney, Harley  17 Nov 1956Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I148059 Myron Felckowski Tree 
30 Pavelski, Leo  2 Jun 1954Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I89458 Myron Felckowski Tree 
31 Rogers, Myrna E.  23 Dec 2003Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I79313 Myron Felckowski Tree 
32 Roy, Frank L.  29 Jul 1942Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I85682 Myron Felckowski Tree 
33 Rucinski, Jerome J.  21 Jun 1977Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I90652 Myron Felckowski Tree 
34 Rucinski, Joseph J.  21 Jun 1977Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I90653 Myron Felckowski Tree 
35 Schliesmann, Peter  31 Dec 1974Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I80224 Myron Felckowski Tree 
36 Sherfinski, Susan J.  15 May 2004Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I66877 Myron Felckowski Tree 
37 Sommers, Grace M.  29 Aug 2000Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I94818 Myron Felckowski Tree 
38 Stangl, Helen M. (Stangle Strangle)  25 Mar 2000Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I94266 Myron Felckowski Tree 
39 Steltenpohl, Alvin John  2 Jun 1984Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I64558 Myron Felckowski Tree 
40 Stenger, Helen J.  18 Mar 1939Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I139250 Myron Felckowski Tree 
41 Tasse, Greg P.  13 Aug 2008Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I125631 Myron Felckowski Tree 
42 Van Hecke, Margaret L.  20 Mar 1976Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I119331 Myron Felckowski Tree 
43 Weigel, Isabelle T.  27 Feb 2009Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I37922 Myron Felckowski Tree 
44 Weigel, Roman O.  7 Aug 2007Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I93441 Myron Felckowski Tree 
45 Woodward, Clyde  10 May 2002Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I56251 Myron Felckowski Tree 
46 Zahatka, Katherine (Katie Zahraka)  17 Nov 1938Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I27362 Myron Felckowski Tree 
47 Zwaska, Margaret C.  31 May 2006Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA I109656 Myron Felckowski Tree 


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Altmann / Vogel  24 Jul 1926Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F67454 Myron Felckowski Tree 
2 Borkenhagen / Krueger  20 Jun 1920Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F27553 Myron Felckowski Tree 
3 Chariton / Pike  Jul 1938Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F72214 Myron Felckowski Tree 
4 Cramer / Maurer  5 Jun 1883Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F50462 Myron Felckowski Tree 
5 Flugaur / Wettstein  14 Aug 1912Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F22571 Myron Felckowski Tree 
6 Folz / Schuster  14 Nov 1915Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F38603 Myron Felckowski Tree 
7 Gates / Laufenberg  19 Apr 1941Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F39824 Myron Felckowski Tree 
8 Graff / Spaulding  17 May 1938Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F46214 Myron Felckowski Tree 
9 Haas / Leo  22 Apr 1920Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F16765 Myron Felckowski Tree 
10 Hafenbredl / Kerske  15 Nov 1952Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F70311 Myron Felckowski Tree 
11 Hudock / Gehler  17 Jul 1939Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F40785 Myron Felckowski Tree 
12 Immerfall / Hofmann  12 Nov 1949Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F58942 Myron Felckowski Tree 
13 Isherwood / Daul  22 Aug 1953Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F19976 Myron Felckowski Tree 
14 Jochem / Gass  24 Dec 1913Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F74728 Myron Felckowski Tree 
15 Konopacki / Schimmel  30 Jun 1947Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F18468 Myron Felckowski Tree 
16 Kundinger / Baierl  28 Aug 1881Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F62238 Myron Felckowski Tree 
17 Laramie / Sutor  18 Aug 1900Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F71621 Myron Felckowski Tree 
18 Leibelt / Vogel  30 Oct 1906Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F67456 Myron Felckowski Tree 
19 Lenroot / Altenburg  27 Dec 1937Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F37089 Myron Felckowski Tree 
20 Maciejewski / Hamus  20 Jul 1974Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F23681 Myron Felckowski Tree 
21 Martin / Rogers  22 Aug 1946Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F37439 Myron Felckowski Tree 
22 Maurer / Geiger  1897Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F48649 Myron Felckowski Tree 
23 Merrill / Elvis  10 Oct 1901Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F33930 Myron Felckowski Tree 
24 Mills / Gehler  18 Jul 1942Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F35301 Myron Felckowski Tree 
25 Neidlein / Higgins  16 Sep 1961Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F73982 Myron Felckowski Tree 
26 Paine / Cole  5 Sep 1889Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F48397 Myron Felckowski Tree 
27 Peters / Weiler  29 Jun 1984Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F50606 Myron Felckowski Tree 
28 Piesik / Meyer  7 Jun 2003Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F56218 Myron Felckowski Tree 
29 Probst / Bruggeman  3 Oct 1939Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F49162 Myron Felckowski Tree 
30 Pudrowski / Plath  22 Oct 1925Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F24242 Myron Felckowski Tree 
31 Rath / Haight  6 Jun 1917Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F39049 Myron Felckowski Tree 
32 Rogers / Stangl  24 Feb 1936Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F11215 Myron Felckowski Tree 
33 Schindler / Rhyner  10 Oct 1917Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F74424 Myron Felckowski Tree 
34 Schneider / Chesmore  5 Dec 1998Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F47136 Myron Felckowski Tree 
35 Schneider / Eisner  27 Oct 1948Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F57219 Myron Felckowski Tree 
36 Scribner / Kettelhon  7 Jun 1893Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F34297 Myron Felckowski Tree 
37 Stafford / Beach  1890Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F49331 Myron Felckowski Tree 
38 Stoflet / Shulz  10 Jan 1912Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F51720 Myron Felckowski Tree 
39 Washatko / Lutz  19 Jun 1917Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F62134 Myron Felckowski Tree 
40 Wellner / Glinski  3 Jan 1953Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F57049 Myron Felckowski Tree 
41 Wilhelm / Mancl  5 May 1956Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F64958 Myron Felckowski Tree 
42 Winker / Bohman  10 Oct 1959Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F23817 Myron Felckowski Tree 
43 Wolosek / Wieden  5 Jun 1956Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F40967 Myron Felckowski Tree 
44 Yetter / Sutor  27 May 1939Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F71194 Myron Felckowski Tree 
45 Yulga / Reichert  2 Jun 1945Marshfield, Wood County, WI USA F17736 Myron Felckowski Tree