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Madison, Dane County, WI USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Benn, Janet Edith  27 Dec 1925Madison, Dane County, WI USA I109689 Myron Felckowski Tree 
2 Bovee, John Walker  28 May 1865Madison, Dane County, WI USA I134594 Myron Felckowski Tree 
3 Cohn, Jean (Kohn)  21 Jan 1937Madison, Dane County, WI USA I169779 Myron Felckowski Tree 
4 Davis, Clarence II (Conrad) L.  21 Jun 1939Madison, Dane County, WI USA I22201 Myron Felckowski Tree 
5 Duffee, Patricia (Tish) Mary  1 Dec 1921Madison, Dane County, WI USA I179315 Myron Felckowski Tree 
6 Endres, Shirley Mae  2 Feb 1945Madison, Dane County, WI USA I187997 Myron Felckowski Tree 
7 Entwistle, David Sr Alan  17 Jun 1941Madison, Dane County, WI USA I191950 Myron Felckowski Tree 
8 Foxen, Sigvart T.  7 Mar 1861Madison, Dane County, WI USA I105216 Myron Felckowski Tree 
9 Grant, Barbara J.  6 Nov 1936Madison, Dane County, WI USA I154289 Myron Felckowski Tree 
10 Gust, Rae A.  28 Nov 1926Madison, Dane County, WI USA I48587 Myron Felckowski Tree 
11 Gutknecht, Gretchen Louise  17 Jul 1957Madison, Dane County, WI USA I177582 Myron Felckowski Tree 
12 Harrison, Paul K.  21 Jan 1942Madison, Dane County, WI USA I156350 Myron Felckowski Tree 
13 Hronek, Lisa  Madison, Dane County, WI USA I12475 Myron Felckowski Tree 
14 Hubin, Patricia (Pat) Mae  2 Jun 1934Madison, Dane County, WI USA I45688 Myron Felckowski Tree 
15 Hughes, Thomas (Tom) Alan  10 May 1944Madison, Dane County, WI USA I60581 Myron Felckowski Tree 
16 Jaquish, Ruth  Abt 1906Madison, Dane County, WI USA I128472 Myron Felckowski Tree 
17 Kedrowski, Catherine Eleanor  11 Aug 1929Madison, Dane County, WI USA I27289 Myron Felckowski Tree 
18 Kelley, Susan M.  6 Feb 1956Madison, Dane County, WI USA I192759 Myron Felckowski Tree 
19 Kryshak, Gary M.  16 Jan 1959Madison, Dane County, WI USA I117920 Myron Felckowski Tree 
20 Lehmann, Michael Sr John  11 Jul 1968Madison, Dane County, WI USA I147589 Myron Felckowski Tree 
21 Lothe, Jerry A.  13 Feb 1944Madison, Dane County, WI USA I148759 Myron Felckowski Tree 
22 Maher, Paul Arthur  5 Mar 1914Madison, Dane County, WI USA I20223 Myron Felckowski Tree 
23 Malas, Marion E.  20 Jan 1922Madison, Dane County, WI USA I190348 Myron Felckowski Tree 
24 Malone, Frank P.  Mar 1866Madison, Dane County, WI USA I85203 Myron Felckowski Tree 
25 Malone, John M.  Apr 1869Madison, Dane County, WI USA I85204 Myron Felckowski Tree 
26 Malone, Thomas Sr R.  Mar 1861Madison, Dane County, WI USA I85201 Myron Felckowski Tree 
27 Marion, Martha Maria  7 Oct 1854Madison, Dane County, WI USA I176133 Myron Felckowski Tree 
28 Markee, Frank Anton  27 Oct 1881Madison, Dane County, WI USA I168261 Myron Felckowski Tree 
29 Peterson, Elsie F.  12 Sep 1940Madison, Dane County, WI USA I188011 Myron Felckowski Tree 
30 Riege, Isaiah Ballard  25 Dec 2009Madison, Dane County, WI USA I143194 Myron Felckowski Tree 
31 Roecker, Alan Wallace  11 Jul 1916Madison, Dane County, WI USA I157735 Myron Felckowski Tree 
32 Runstrom, Bernice Louise  30 Oct 1918Madison, Dane County, WI USA I201024 Myron Felckowski Tree 
33 Shulfer, Helen F.  19 Mar 1934Madison, Dane County, WI USA I30038 Myron Felckowski Tree 
34 Sterling, Paula J.  17 Jan 1967Madison, Dane County, WI USA I173058 Myron Felckowski Tree 
35 Tauchen, Joseph Francis  24 Jun 1891Madison, Dane County, WI USA I123586 Myron Felckowski Tree 
36 Tomsyck, Joseph Paul  Madison, Dane County, WI USA I12351 Myron Felckowski Tree 
37 Tomsyck, Theresa Marie  Madison, Dane County, WI USA I12352 Myron Felckowski Tree 
38 Unknown, Elizabeth Marie  11 Sep 1912Madison, Dane County, WI USA I185081 Myron Felckowski Tree 
39 Wiza, Regina L.  21 Dec 1934Madison, Dane County, WI USA I55902 Myron Felckowski Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aasterud, Olga M.  17 Mar 1982Madison, Dane County, WI USA I182591 Myron Felckowski Tree 
2 Adams, Edith E.  22 Nov 1959Madison, Dane County, WI USA I103851 Myron Felckowski Tree 
3 Adamski, Robert Frank  2 Feb 1993Madison, Dane County, WI USA I37281 Myron Felckowski Tree 
4 Aldrich, Darlene Marie  1 May 2014Madison, Dane County, WI USA I140118 Myron Felckowski Tree 
5 Allen, Hazel L.  17 Dec 1934Madison, Dane County, WI USA I188927 Myron Felckowski Tree 
6 Allworden, Helen  15 Oct 1978Madison, Dane County, WI USA I7759 Myron Felckowski Tree 
7 Altenburg, Edward E.  5 Oct 1936Madison, Dane County, WI USA I95788 Myron Felckowski Tree 
8 Altman, Herman John  21 Sep 1935Madison, Dane County, WI USA I21593 Myron Felckowski Tree 
9 Andersen, Eric Alvin  15 Feb 2013Madison, Dane County, WI USA I131730 Myron Felckowski Tree 
10 Andersen, Thomas Ora  7 May 2008Madison, Dane County, WI USA I193640 Myron Felckowski Tree 
11 Anderson, Mattie Helen  8 Oct 1939Madison, Dane County, WI USA I137376 Myron Felckowski Tree 
12 Bablitch, Elizabeth (Betty) M.  30 May 2010Madison, Dane County, WI USA I67170 Myron Felckowski Tree 
13 Backaus, Lloyd (Backus)  15 Sep 1977Madison, Dane County, WI USA I119391 Myron Felckowski Tree 
14 Bakeng, Gladys C.  26 Jul 1931Madison, Dane County, WI USA I149747 Myron Felckowski Tree 
15 Baker, Edward  3 Feb 1981Madison, Dane County, WI USA I42173 Myron Felckowski Tree 
16 Ball, Kate A.  1 May 1940Madison, Dane County, WI USA I119853 Myron Felckowski Tree 
17 Barber, Ora Rudolf  13 Jul 1959Madison, Dane County, WI USA I182677 Myron Felckowski Tree 
18 Barden, Richard III Todd  7 Dec 2004Madison, Dane County, WI USA I62294 Myron Felckowski Tree 
19 Barker, Katie  7 Sep 1914Madison, Dane County, WI USA I124486 Myron Felckowski Tree 
20 Bartram, Dianne J.  31 Dec 2014Madison, Dane County, WI USA I196613 Myron Felckowski Tree 
21 Bates, Frances  30 Dec 1929Madison, Dane County, WI USA I190196 Myron Felckowski Tree 
22 Becker, Isla Mae  9 Mar 2015Madison, Dane County, WI USA I131408 Myron Felckowski Tree 
23 Beedle, Florence Grace  1 Feb 1960Madison, Dane County, WI USA I165093 Myron Felckowski Tree 
24 Beggs, Charles Alfred  2 Nov 1939Madison, Dane County, WI USA I97889 Myron Felckowski Tree 
25 Belanger, Elmire  3 Apr 1961Madison, Dane County, WI USA I119244 Myron Felckowski Tree 
26 Bemowski, Leonard C.  20 Nov 1987Madison, Dane County, WI USA I83304 Myron Felckowski Tree 
27 Benn, Herbert P.  11 Nov 1974Madison, Dane County, WI USA I109665 Myron Felckowski Tree 
28 Bennett, Albert Earl  25 Dec 1965Madison, Dane County, WI USA I91665 Myron Felckowski Tree 
29 Bergholte, Harold N.  28 Jul 1977Madison, Dane County, WI USA I65782 Myron Felckowski Tree 
30 Berlik, Helen  13 Jun 1965Madison, Dane County, WI USA I35698 Myron Felckowski Tree 
31 Berna, Belvina Irene  2 Nov 1992Madison, Dane County, WI USA I4053 Myron Felckowski Tree 
32 Berndt, Russell Allen  4 Feb 2005Madison, Dane County, WI USA I183284 Myron Felckowski Tree 
33 Berry, DeWayne  21 Dec 1939Madison, Dane County, WI USA I103201 Myron Felckowski Tree 
34 Biesik, Wiktor (Victor)  31 Aug 1927Madison, Dane County, WI USA I95679 Myron Felckowski Tree 
35 Biglow, Walter Freeman  16 Oct 1934Madison, Dane County, WI USA I189992 Myron Felckowski Tree 
36 Billerbeck, Leah  8 Oct 1980Madison, Dane County, WI USA I64239 Myron Felckowski Tree 
37 Blair, Harriet Anna  20 Apr 1957Madison, Dane County, WI USA I193055 Myron Felckowski Tree 
38 Blair, John A. Sr  7 Jan 1925Madison, Dane County, WI USA I157866 Myron Felckowski Tree 
39 Blair, Walter B.  11 Sep 1972Madison, Dane County, WI USA I193063 Myron Felckowski Tree 
40 Blarek, Carleen Mae  10 Mar 1962Madison, Dane County, WI USA I153797 Myron Felckowski Tree 
41 Blaske, Agnes Teresa  12 Sep 1986Madison, Dane County, WI USA I100344 Myron Felckowski Tree 
42 Blaske, Anna M.  10 Jan 1988Madison, Dane County, WI USA I100339 Myron Felckowski Tree 
43 Bliske, Donald George  15 Nov 1934Madison, Dane County, WI USA I189800 Myron Felckowski Tree 
44 Bobbe, Mayme M.  21 Apr 1989Madison, Dane County, WI USA I82812 Myron Felckowski Tree 
45 Bombera, Isabella  9 Aug 1998Madison, Dane County, WI USA I112216 Myron Felckowski Tree 
46 Bonowski, Joseph  31 Dec 1962Madison, Dane County, WI USA I44359 Myron Felckowski Tree 
47 Botham, Richard George  Mar 1966Madison, Dane County, WI USA I68323 Myron Felckowski Tree 
48 Bradley, Ruth Laura  17 Aug 2010Madison, Dane County, WI USA I188843 Myron Felckowski Tree 
49 Brandenhoff, Harold P.  31 Jul 1938Madison, Dane County, WI USA I105099 Myron Felckowski Tree 
50 Bregger, Nora M.  26 Nov 1962Madison, Dane County, WI USA I147362 Myron Felckowski Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barney, Angela (Sis)  7 Jan 2010Madison, Dane County, WI USA I143253 Myron Felckowski Tree 
2 Cieciorka, Ignatius S.  27 Sep 1973Madison, Dane County, WI USA I61561 Myron Felckowski Tree 
3 Dorscheid, George  Madison, Dane County, WI USA I83630 Myron Felckowski Tree 
4 Foerster, Edwin Sr W.  3 Apr 1965Madison, Dane County, WI USA I130266 Myron Felckowski Tree 
5 Gardner, Joshua T.  15 May 1985Madison, Dane County, WI USA I153847 Myron Felckowski Tree 
6 Koski, Arvo (Arville) Helmer  Madison, Dane County, WI USA I1325 Myron Felckowski Tree 
7 Martin, Delmar Harold  28 Oct 1938Madison, Dane County, WI USA I106862 Myron Felckowski Tree 
8 Martin, Harold R.  Madison, Dane County, WI USA I146274 Myron Felckowski Tree 
9 Meyer, Ovid O.  26 Sep 1977Madison, Dane County, WI USA I119243 Myron Felckowski Tree 
10 Miller, Edward (Dr) M. (Probosky)  5 Oct 1953Madison, Dane County, WI USA I19416 Myron Felckowski Tree 
11 Roseno, Unknown  26 Nov 1975Madison, Dane County, WI USA I75453 Myron Felckowski Tree 
12 Wirig, Marres (Joe) Harold  17 Jun 1964Madison, Dane County, WI USA I170721 Myron Felckowski Tree 
13 Zwaska, Anthony (Tony) N.  6 Oct 2011Madison, Dane County, WI USA I109660 Myron Felckowski Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Smrz, Rita  1974Madison, Dane County, WI USA I25515 Myron Felckowski Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence1    Person ID   Tree 
1 Wanty, Julia A.  1938Madison, Dane County, WI USA I41416 Myron Felckowski Tree 
2 Zinda, Evelyn  1939Madison, Dane County, WI USA I90404 Myron Felckowski Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Breuch / Wotruba  24 Apr 1923Madison, Dane County, WI USA F48381 Myron Felckowski Tree 
2 Brown / Ball  Abt 1920Madison, Dane County, WI USA F71899 Myron Felckowski Tree 
3 Dobbe / Starr  30 Oct 1971Madison, Dane County, WI USA F21430 Myron Felckowski Tree 
4 Edgren / Merryfield  5 May 1956Madison, Dane County, WI USA F45363 Myron Felckowski Tree 
5 Frederickson / Warbelton  Jan 1946Madison, Dane County, WI USA F74151 Myron Felckowski Tree 
6 Fritz / Gruber  24 Aug 1923Madison, Dane County, WI USA F47890 Myron Felckowski Tree 
7 Frost / Harker  30 Oct 1913Madison, Dane County, WI USA F44045 Myron Felckowski Tree 
8 Gust / Barney  7 Mar 1925Madison, Dane County, WI USA F52750 Myron Felckowski Tree 
9 Gutsch / Elliott  7 Apr 2000Madison, Dane County, WI USA F67756 Myron Felckowski Tree 
10 Hirsbrunner / Duffee  17 Feb 1945Madison, Dane County, WI USA F66557 Myron Felckowski Tree 
11 Holtz / Christensen  7 Nov 1964Madison, Dane County, WI USA F33812 Myron Felckowski Tree 
12 Holtz / O'Keefe  8 Feb 1975Madison, Dane County, WI USA F45923 Myron Felckowski Tree 
13 Ingold / Elchlepp  1956Madison, Dane County, WI USA F25325 Myron Felckowski Tree 
14 Jacobs / Wirig  17 Jun 1950Madison, Dane County, WI USA F63232 Myron Felckowski Tree 
15 Kinney / Steinbeck  8 Aug 1942Madison, Dane County, WI USA F27905 Myron Felckowski Tree 
16 Losinski / Marx  29 Aug 1970Madison, Dane County, WI USA F24737 Myron Felckowski Tree 
17 Malone / Moran  8 Jul 1860Madison, Dane County, WI USA F32213 Myron Felckowski Tree 
18 O'Laughlin / Scheller  30 Jul 1979Madison, Dane County, WI USA F26175 Myron Felckowski Tree 
19 Olsen / Park  20 Jun 1942Madison, Dane County, WI USA F43210 Myron Felckowski Tree 
20 Parkill / Copp  1851Madison, Dane County, WI USA F59317 Myron Felckowski Tree 
21 Redfield / Holland  22 Jun 1957Madison, Dane County, WI USA F37460 Myron Felckowski Tree 
22 Ressler / Rinder  Abt 1890Madison, Dane County, WI USA F60075 Myron Felckowski Tree 
23 Schaepe / Dallman  21 Jan 1939Madison, Dane County, WI USA F62591 Myron Felckowski Tree 
24 Simpson / Magee  31 Mar 1956Madison, Dane County, WI USA F56094 Myron Felckowski Tree 
25 Strosin / Wilson  12 Jul 1952Madison, Dane County, WI USA F28087 Myron Felckowski Tree 
26 Tepp / Phelps  1946Madison, Dane County, WI USA F38184 Myron Felckowski Tree 
27 Upthagrove / Botham  23 Apr 1960Madison, Dane County, WI USA F9267 Myron Felckowski Tree 
28 Venzke / Toschner  14 Sep 1973Madison, Dane County, WI USA F54020 Myron Felckowski Tree 
29 Wallin / Millar  8 Aug 1941Madison, Dane County, WI USA F11349 Myron Felckowski Tree 
30 Wentworth / Johnson  28 Sep 1970Madison, Dane County, WI USA F24783 Myron Felckowski Tree 
31 White / Havey  21 Jun 1957Madison, Dane County, WI USA F13751 Myron Felckowski Tree 
32 Wilson / Anderson  12 May 1961Madison, Dane County, WI USA F35734 Myron Felckowski Tree 
33 Wirig / Narloch  1939Madison, Dane County, WI USA F63230 Myron Felckowski Tree 
34 Wysocki / Humphrey  2001Madison, Dane County, WI USA F56946 Myron Felckowski Tree 
35 Zimmerman / King  14 Feb 1987Madison, Dane County, WI USA F58100 Myron Felckowski Tree 


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bablitch / Virtue  28 Aug 1980Madison, Dane County, WI USA F66000 Myron Felckowski Tree 

Divorce Filed

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   Family    Divorce Filed    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bablitch / Virtue  18 Aug 1978Madison, Dane County, WI USA F66000 Myron Felckowski Tree