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         Description: Historical Timeline of Poland and Portage County, Wisconsin Events; including arrivals of early Polish settlers in Portage County

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1 0962    Holy Roman Empire established   Holy Roman Empire established.  
2 0966    Duke Mieszko I  Duke Mieszko I, the historically recognised founder of the Polish state, adopts Catholic Christianity. 
3 1000    Iron plow invented   Iron plow invented in Lower Rhine region, resulting in increase in food production, leading to population growth and German emigration to the east, into Bohemia and Hungary, and to the Crusades.  
4 1025    Boleslaw I  Boleslaw I proclaims the Kingdom of Poland. 
5 1335  1350  Black Death (Bubonic Plaque)   Black Death (Bubonic Plague) 50-75 percent of Europe's population is wiped out. Emigration to the east ceases for a long time.  
6 1492    Christopher Columbus  Christopher Columbus sails to North America.  
7 1545  1563  Counil Of Trent   Roman Catholic Council of Trent, promted by the Protestant Reformation, lead to the reform of the Roman Catholic Church, and required all Catholic Churches in Europe to record baptisms and marriages.  
8 1569    Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth  Poland signs Union of Lublin with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania to establish the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. 
9 1614    The Ritual Romanorum  Roman Catholic Church Proclamation mandating recording in Catholic Churches of baptisms, marriages and deaths.  
10 1620    Mayflower   Mayflower compact establishing Plymouth Plantation Colony in Massachusetts, North America.  
11 1620  1621  Polish - Ottoman War  Polish - Ottoman War 
12 1633  1634  Polish - Ottoman War  Polish - Ottoman War 
13 1654    Russo - Polish War  Russo - Polish War 
14 1771    Catholic Church records   New standardized format for Catholic church records introduced.  
15 1772    1st partition of 3  The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth is subjected to the first of three major partitions by its neighbours Prussia, Russia and Austria following an anti-Russian revolt. 
16 1776    Declaration of Independence  American Revolution - Declaration of Independence  
17 1792    French Revolutionary Wars  20 Apr 1792: France declared war on Austria, Prussia, and Sardinia, marking the start of the French Revolutionary wars. 
18 1792  1802  French Revolutionary Wars   Austria and Prussia invade France in 1792, in an attempt to contain revolutionary France. 1792-1797 War of the 1st Coalition - Austria, Great Britain and Prussia fight against French expansionism. 1798-1802 War of the 2nd Coalition - Austria, Great Britain and Russia fight again against French expansionism.  
19 1793    2nd partition of 3  23 Jan 1793: Prussia and Russia signed an accord on the 2nd partition of Lithuania and Poland. The 2nd partition of Poland. Polish patriots had attempted to devise a new constitution which was recognized by Austria and Prussia, but Russia did not recognize it and invaded. Prussia in turn invaded and the two agreed to a partition that left only the central portion of Poland independent. 
20 1794  1795  Commonwealth completely partitioned  Reformers lead an armed uprising against the partitioning powers. Following its failure the Commonwealth is finally partitioned among Prussia, Russia and Austria. Independent Poland disappears from the map of Europe. 
21 1795    3rd partition of 3  24 Oct 1795; Russia, Austria and Prussia held a convention in Petersburg to finalize the 3rd division of the Polish-Lithuanian Republic. Most of Lithuania with Vilnius went to Russia, Warsaw and the left bank of the Nemunas River went to Prussia and Cracow went to Austria. 
22 1799  1815  Napoleon   Napoleon takes power in Paris, France. France invades Austria in 1801. Napoleon is defeated at Waterloo in 1815.  
23 1807    Duchy of Warsaw  Napoleon creates the Duchy of Warsaw as a client state to rally Polish support for his cause. 
24 1813    Prussia took over Danzig  Prussia took over Danzig 
25 1815    Kingdom of Poland  The Congress of Vienna creates a rump Kingdom of Poland, ruled by Russia. 
26 1825    Railroad   First public railroad in Britian in 1825.  
27 1830  1831  Military revolt  Military revolt in protest at Russian erosion of the Kingdom's political autonomy and civil liberties. 
28 1840    Steam-Driven Flour Mills   In the 1840's flour milling was transformed by the introduction of steam-driven mills.  
29 1844    Morse Code   Samuel Morse patents telegraph in USA in 1844. The first transatlantic telegraph cable is laid in 1858,  
30 1845    Irish Potato Famine  Irish Potato Famine  
31 1848    California Gold Rush  California Gold Rush  
32 1848    Feudal System abolished   Revolutions in Austria, France, Germany and Italy. Serfdom anachronistic feudal order is abolished throughout the Austrian Empire.  
33 1848    Wisconsin   26 May 1848, Wisconsin becomes 30th state.  
34 1854  1856  Crimean War   Crimean War - Austria forms an alliance with Prussia and amasses an army in Galicia and Transylvania threatening Russia who then withdraws from Walachia and Moldavia.  
35 1857    Immigrant to Portage Co, WI - 1st Polish  Michael von Koziczkowski with wife Franciszka and 7 children, first documented Polish settlers to Portage County, Wisconsin. (Arrived in NY on 4 Sep 1857; Left Hamburg on 7 Jul 1857). 
36 1857    St Martin Catholic Church, Ellis, Portage County, WI  Built in Ellis (Poland Corners) and organized by German and Irish settlers, and later attended by Polish settlers. (Current church building erected in 1866). 
37 1858    Immigrants to Portage Co, WI - Polish  Adam Klesmit (Kleinschmidt) with with Josefina and 2 children, Joseph Platta with wife Marianna and 4 children, and John Zynda with wife Clara and 6 children. (Arrived in NY on 9 Aug 1858 from Bremen). 
38 1858    Immigrants to Wilno, Renfew Co, Canada - Polish  76 Poles (16 families) left Bremen on 6 Jun 1858 on ship Heinrich arrived in Quebec on 26 Jul 1858 
39 1859    Immigrants to Portage Co, WI - Polish  37 people: Christian Dzwonkowsky with wife Josephine and 3 children, Casimir Lukaszewitz and wife Veronica (and her parents Stanislaw and Margaretha Konopacki), Franz Wojak with wife Catherine and 1 child and (and his parents Anton and Antonia Woyak and 5 children), Joseph Jadzewski with wife Josephine and 2 children, Joseph Green (Greniz) with wife Dorotha and 3 children, and Jacob Werachowski with wife Pauline (and her father Mathias Rzepinski and sister Theodosia) and 5 children. (Left Hamburg on 15 Jun 1859 to Quebec). 
40 1859    Immigrants to Portage Co, WI - Polish  Peter Kronopeski was identified as also coming in 1859, or the next year, from Winona, Minnesota. And also arrived in 1859: Daczyk and Kruzycki. 
41 1859    Immigrants to Winona, MN - Polish  First Polish Settlement in Winona. Jacob and Franciszka von Bronk with 4 sons from Wiele; Michael and Barbara Konkel with daughter and 2 sons; left Hamburg on 14 May 1859 on the ship Elbe and arrived in Quebec. By 1860 census they were living in Winona, MN. 
42 1860    Immigrants to Portage Co, WI - Polish  Kuklinski, Narloch, Sikorski and Szulfer families. 
43 1861    Immigrants to Portage Co, WI - Polish  Cisewski, Fierkus, Gosz, Kiedrowski, Kleman, Klopotek, Lipski, Paulubicki, Prominski, and Szelbraczkowski families, with additional Lukaszewicz and Rzepinski families. 
44 1861    Immigrants to Portage Co, WI - Polish  Susan Bigalke Chapman ancestors Jan Gilmeister and his mother Elizabeth (Ostowski) Gilmeister. (Left Hamburg 29 Jun 1961 to Quebec). 
45 1861  1865  USA Civil War   USA Civil War from 1861 to 1865. Battle of Gettysburg in 1863. Three Polish young men from Portage County served in the Civil War: John Fierkus, Jacob Gosz and John Platta. 
46 1862    Homestead Act   Homestead Act guarantees 160 acres to each farmer willing to cultivate and improve land in the West for five years.  
47 1863  1864  Revolt  Another revolt against Russian rule is defeated and the Kingdom annexed to Russia. 
48 1863  1871  St Joseph Catholic Church, Ellis, Portage County, WI  About 40 Polish families built Church in Ellis at Poland Corners. In 1871 it was dismanteled and moved to Polonia. 
49 1864    Danish-Prussian War  Prussia and Austria defeat Denmark over control of Schleswig-Holstein, and then feud over who will be in charge 
50 1864    St Joseph Catholic Church, Ellis, Portage County, WI  Built by Polish families in 1864 in Ellis (Poland Corners). First rural Catholic Church in WI. Dismanteled and relocated to Polonia in 1871. 

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