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MARCIN FELCKOWSKI Homestead Farmhouse in Hull, Portage County, WI; About 1914;
Left to Right – Mary, Anastasia, Dominic, Johanna, Felix, Joe Nitka(farmhand)

Myron's Legacy Continues....

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Families of Portage County, Wisconsin by Myron Felckowski (1947-2015)

This family tree contains families which are not directly related to
Myron's paternal/maternal families which are
Felckowski/Feltz/Filtz and Kawlewski/Kawleski.

The relationships exist to families which married Myron's paternal/maternal families.

Myron's interest in his ancestry began in 1992 when his mother's family Kawleski was researched by Jeanne Valerie Conrad–Tanghe and Agnes Kawleski–Golla. The first Kawleski Family reunion was held that year with about 500 people attending the weekend long event. A book about the history of the Kawleski family was available for all the descendants along with a video which contained photos of the family since immigration in 1880–1881. The book was updated in 2004 as well as a CD being made which are available at the Portage County Public Library along with the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point Archives Library.

The Felckowski (a/k/a Feltz – Filtz) family began its residence in the Township of Sharon, Portage County, Wisconsin before 1870 by emigrating from Hamburg, Germany on 01 May 1868 and arriving in Quebec, Canada on 16 Jul 1868. Based on the known ship records each immigrant had about a 3ft X 3ft space to endure a journey of about 75 days. Since Poland as a nation only existed in the hearts of the people at the time of the marriage of Simon Felckowski and Marianna Trawicka took place in Tuschkau, Lippusch, Berent, West Prussia now known as Tuszkowy, Lipusz, Koscierzyna, Pomorskie, Poland.

Another branch of the Felckowski family (Peter Felckowski and Victoria Olszewska) immigrated in 1872 with residence in the Township of Sharon before moving before 1900 to the Township of Pike Lake now Bevent, Marathon County, Wisconsin. Research is continuing by Brian Feltz, a descendant of Simon and Marianna for a link between the families. A special thanks to Brian for all research done of the records in Poland in finding the parents of Simon and Marianna.

Five children of Simon and Marianna with a son–in–law Mathias Literski, two grandchildren survived the ocean passage with all settling in Portage County, Wisconsin. A daughter, Anna Felckowska married Jan (John) Gillmeister shortly after becoming a resident with the oldest child being born in 1871. Another daughter of Anna and Jan, Suzanna Gilmeister was born on 06 Jun 1887 and she married Theodore N. Bigalke on 10 May 1905 in Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Polonia, Sharon, Portage County, Wisconsin. Note: Theodore N. Bigalke and Suzanna Gilmeister are Susan Bigalke Chapman's paternal grandparents. Suzanna Gilmeister's mother was Anna Felckowski. Anna Felckowski was the sister of Martin Felckowski. Martin Felckowski was Myron Felckowski's ancestor. Myron Felckowski and I, Susan Bigalke Chapman, are cousins.

Please note that not all data in family file has been verified and some requires additional research.
Family genealogy file is updated as additional data becomes available.

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feature 1 In Memory of - Myron Felckowski (October 16, 1947 - September 25, 2015)


I have hosted this website since 2005, with Myron's research database. Myron worked 70 plus hours a week on his database, expanding the tree with information from the new and old obituaries and from the suggestions of countless of his email contacts. In Myron's legacy, his research will continue to remain available to the public. Since his death in 2015, his original online database has only had a few minor updates. As of March 2017, his ORIGINAL database is now posted at: . Registered users of the old database can still access that database - but no new registrations for that database will be accepted. Plans are to leave Myron's original database online, for at least one more year (to 2018).

Since 2015, many people have sent corrections and updates to (me) Susan Chapman for his database. In Myron's legacy, I have been updating his database on my desktop computer, this "partially" updated database is now posted here online. Myron's legacy continues........ but there is still a ton of work to do.... Please bear with me, as I try to catch up with all the emailed suggestions and additions/corrections. I have been working on the "base" of this database, researching the passenger ship records of many of the people in this database. Due to time constraints, at this time, the database is not "growing" with the newest generations, that Myron continually extracted from obituaries - but a strong foundation to this database is being created to help other researchers with Portage County roots. All registered users of the old database will have the same access to the new database, and new registered users will be accepted for this updated database. I, Susan, will never be able to step exactly into Myron's shoes and follow his exact footsteps, but I hope to do honor to his legacy. Regards, Susan Chapman

feature 2 BOOK - Polish Heritage Kawlewski / Kawleski Family
- 2004 By Jeanne Tanghe, Agnes Golla and Myron M Felckowski - pdf file - 362 pages

feature 3 BOOK - Jenkin Family History Book
- 2012 By Myron Felckowski - pdf file - 214 pages

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