von Klopotek Glowczewski Family History
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Stockton, Portage Co, WI USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Kirsling, Rosalia  8 Jan 1895Stockton, Portage Co, WI USA I01643 von Klopotek Glowczewski 
2 Kirszling, Alois Anton  15 Feb 1896Stockton, Portage Co, WI USA I01543 von Klopotek Glowczewski 
3 Kirszling, Felix  27 Nov 1892Stockton, Portage Co, WI USA I01542 von Klopotek Glowczewski 
4 Klopatek, John Florian  10 May 1904Stockton, Portage Co, WI USA I00683 von Klopotek Glowczewski 
5 Klopotek, Anastasia "Tassie"  13 Oct 1906Stockton, Portage Co, WI USA I00684 von Klopotek Glowczewski 
6 Klopotek, Edward Michael  22 Sep 1897Stockton, Portage Co, WI USA I00680 von Klopotek Glowczewski 
7 Klopotek, Peter  23 Oct 1895Stockton, Portage Co, WI USA I00679 von Klopotek Glowczewski 
8 Klopotek, Theodora "Dora"  10 Jul 1874Stockton, Portage Co, WI USA I00622 von Klopotek Glowczewski 
9 Klopotek, Valeria Veronica  17 Dec 1900Stockton, Portage Co, WI USA I01260 von Klopotek Glowczewski 
10 Piotrowski, Clements  23 Nov 1880Stockton, Portage Co, WI USA I02036 von Klopotek Glowczewski 
11 Tomaszewska, Gatruda "Grace"  13 Nov 1876Stockton, Portage Co, WI USA I00828 von Klopotek Glowczewski 
12 Tomaszewska, Veronica  31 Dec 1879Stockton, Portage Co, WI USA I00027 von Klopotek Glowczewski 
13 Tomaszewski, Anton  12 Jan 1881Stockton, Portage Co, WI USA I00996 von Klopotek Glowczewski 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Piotrowski, Francis Sr  25 Jul 1930Stockton, Portage Co, WI USA I02692 von Klopotek Glowczewski 
2 von Cisewska, Victoria  3 Sep 1923Stockton, Portage Co, WI USA I00609 von Klopotek Glowczewski 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Kirsling, Jacob  16 Apr 1910Stockton, Portage Co, WI USA I00932 von Klopotek Glowczewski 
2 Lica, Anna  16 Apr 1910Stockton, Portage Co, WI USA I00953 von Klopotek Glowczewski 
3 Sankey, Julia Unknown  6 Jun 1900Stockton, Portage Co, WI USA I03380 von Klopotek Glowczewski