Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bierbach, Irving Charles  16 Nov 1970Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA I5471 DonnaStefaniTree 
2 Binczak, Albin James  21 Mar 1983Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA I1650 DonnaStefaniTree 
3 Friday, Antoinette Judith  06 Mar 2001Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA I5459 DonnaStefaniTree 
4 Gavin, Tillie J  19 Jul 1997Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA I4272 DonnaStefaniTree 
5 Klappa, Anton L  18 May 1979Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA I593 DonnaStefaniTree 
6 Kruszka, Stanley John  17 Jun 1994Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA I5262 DonnaStefaniTree 
7 Loftis, Michael J  20 Feb 1948Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA I10141 DonnaStefaniTree 
8 Mallick, Theodore Joe  27 Dec 1976Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA I6913 DonnaStefaniTree 
9 Narlock, Frances  23 Aug 1951Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA I7706 DonnaStefaniTree 
10 Netzler, Edward J  22 Oct 1979Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA I1648 DonnaStefaniTree 
11 Nornberg, Veronica  11 Apr 1981Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA I5469 DonnaStefaniTree 
12 Raschka, Gertrude E  13 Jun 2000Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA I7988 DonnaStefaniTree 
13 Repinski, Dominika  10 May 2003Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA I1647 DonnaStefaniTree 
14 Richter, Anna Marianna  13 Nov 1862Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA I7716 DonnaStefaniTree 
15 Sharafinski, Edwin P  21 Jan 1998Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA I7602 DonnaStefaniTree 
16 Shulfer, Esther  12 Aug 1987Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA I4644 DonnaStefaniTree 
17 Shulfer, Harry Myron  11 Mar 1974Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA I4659 DonnaStefaniTree 
18 Somers, Mary K  16 Jun 1977Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA I7608 DonnaStefaniTree 
19 Subel, Henry J  07 Apr 1997Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA I5263 DonnaStefaniTree 
20 Trzebiatowski, John  30 Aug 1908Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA I4945 DonnaStefaniTree 
21 Ulatowski, Martin Joseph  05 Feb 1973Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA I5711 DonnaStefaniTree 
22 Wanta, Josephine  25 Jul 1964Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA I7937 DonnaStefaniTree 
23 Zynda, Frank A  25 Oct 1987Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA I4822 DonnaStefaniTree 
24 Zywicki, Joseph  21 Oct 1899Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA I8168 DonnaStefaniTree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burant, Eugene M  Jan 1984Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA I7604 DonnaStefaniTree 
2 Kluck, Pauline  18 Apr 1927Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA I8343 DonnaStefaniTree 
3 Nell, Elmer  Mar 1977Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA I7100 DonnaStefaniTree 
4 Shulfer, Harry Myron  Mar 1974Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA I4659 DonnaStefaniTree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bierbach, Charles F  1880Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA I7504 DonnaStefaniTree 
2 Bierbach, Charles W  1880Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA I7506 DonnaStefaniTree 
3 Notbohm, Caroline E  1880Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA I7507 DonnaStefaniTree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Groholski / Kluck  16 Feb 1862Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA F3699 DonnaStefaniTree 
2 Kluck / Esker  Jul 1865Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA F3470 DonnaStefaniTree 
3 Trzebiatowski / Machalinski  13 Aug 1901Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA F2219 DonnaStefaniTree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Kluck / Esker  Jul 1865Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA F3470 DonnaStefaniTree 
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