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Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Akey, Abner Edwin  4 Apr 1880Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I154258 Myron Felckowski Tree 
2 Akey, Arthur Leslie (Wesley)  31 Jul 1904Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I122355 Myron Felckowski Tree 
3 Akey, Arthur Sr Edward  10 Aug 1874Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I195667 Myron Felckowski Tree 
4 Akey, Lorinda (Grasshorn)  7 Jun 1884Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I36410 Myron Felckowski Tree 
5 Albert, Arnold C.  20 Nov 1909Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I57451 Myron Felckowski Tree 
6 Albert, Edna Hannah  12 Apr 1910Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I72948 Myron Felckowski Tree 
7 Albert, Norman H.  25 Jan 1921Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I57461 Myron Felckowski Tree 
8 Bates, Asa Ernest  11 Jun 1883Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I83726 Myron Felckowski Tree 
9 Bates, Effie May  22 Jan 1887Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I139835 Myron Felckowski Tree 
10 Bates, Eva  23 Jan 1893Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I197354 Myron Felckowski Tree 
11 Bates, Henry Edward  29 Sep 1885Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I197352 Myron Felckowski Tree 
12 Bates, Ida May  22 Jun 1882Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I197356 Myron Felckowski Tree 
13 Bates, Jennie L.  15 Feb 1885Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I139839 Myron Felckowski Tree 
14 Bates, Ruby P.  8 Oct 1897Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I139838 Myron Felckowski Tree 
15 Becker, Marion F.  12 Mar 1923Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I56194 Myron Felckowski Tree 
16 Belke, Rose E. (Belka)  7 Mar 1881Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I35898 Myron Felckowski Tree 
17 Bringman, Gerald A.  8 Oct 1921Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I193973 Myron Felckowski Tree 
18 Bringman, Roland S.  5 May 1920Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I193972 Myron Felckowski Tree 
19 Bushmaker, August  15 Oct 1916Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I184059 Myron Felckowski Tree 
20 Bushmaker, Eleanor E.  1 Jan 1914Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I184058 Myron Felckowski Tree 
21 Bushmaker, Lorraine M.  18 Nov 1923Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I184060 Myron Felckowski Tree 
22 Clark, Gerald L.  7 Jul 1919Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I94643 Myron Felckowski Tree 
23 Clark, Harold Lyman  4 Mar 1896Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I180444 Myron Felckowski Tree 
24 Clark, Vivian Lenora  2 Dec 1929Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I198930 Myron Felckowski Tree 
25 Corner, Edward John  5 Apr 1896Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I199855 Myron Felckowski Tree 
26 Corner, Louise Mary  15 Mar 1888Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I199852 Myron Felckowski Tree 
27 Crotteau, Beverly Grace  6 Sep 1927Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I197540 Myron Felckowski Tree 
28 Crotteau, Oscar Joseph  15 Aug 1871Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I194049 Myron Felckowski Tree 
29 Crotteau, Shirley A.  9 Mar 1929Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I197541 Myron Felckowski Tree 
30 Demski, Joseph Jr J.  19 Mar 1896Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I117483 Myron Felckowski Tree 
31 Dorshorst, Darwin R. (Dard)  8 Apr 1935Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I35289 Myron Felckowski Tree 
32 Dorshorst, Elwin H.  29 Apr 1924Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I199972 Myron Felckowski Tree 
33 Dupuis, Louise Lyla  30 Apr 1899Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I187732 Myron Felckowski Tree 
34 Eron, Emil D.  1 Oct 1938Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I30856 Myron Felckowski Tree 
35 Flaig, Paul Sr  7 Nov 1904Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I82508 Myron Felckowski Tree 
36 Fritsche, Margaret  12 Jul 1923Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I192808 Myron Felckowski Tree 
37 Fritsche, William J.  11 Dec 1893Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I192802 Myron Felckowski Tree 
38 Frost, Roger Sr L.  4 Jan 1923Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I97405 Myron Felckowski Tree 
39 Gokey, Sophie  25 Mar 1881Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I154259 Myron Felckowski Tree 
40 Grandshaw, Adelle (Dell Odilla Grandchamp)  8 Sep 1852Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I197342 Myron Felckowski Tree 
41 Gumz, Henry T.  9 Dec 1909Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I131536 Myron Felckowski Tree 
42 Hamm, Ernest J.  9 Apr 1903Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I117586 Myron Felckowski Tree 
43 Hamm, John William  19 Jun 1891Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I117930 Myron Felckowski Tree 
44 Haydock, Patricia A.  3 Sep 1931Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I34816 Myron Felckowski Tree 
45 Haydock, Rosa  5 Sep 1892Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I141263 Myron Felckowski Tree 
46 Hentges, Gerald (Jerry) J.  7 Oct 1922Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I48155 Myron Felckowski Tree 
47 Herman, Charles A.  26 Apr 1906Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I178394 Myron Felckowski Tree 
48 Hetzel, Herbert Ervin  22 Jul 1931Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I190057 Myron Felckowski Tree 
49 Hilgers, Harry Sr Martin  15 Jan 1919Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I179789 Myron Felckowski Tree 
50 Hilgers, John J.  20 Feb 1899Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I88895 Myron Felckowski Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Akey, Grover Martin  Jan 1968Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I195683 Myron Felckowski Tree 
2 Akey, John (Ethier)  21 Aug 1930Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I133131 Myron Felckowski Tree 
3 Akey, Oliver P. (Ethier)  29 Mar 1930Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I195659 Myron Felckowski Tree 
4 Athorp, Frederick Gleason  23 May 1939Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I138697 Myron Felckowski Tree 
5 Bade, Emery  Aug 1983Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I105098 Myron Felckowski Tree 
6 Bassuener, Karl James  28 Nov 2010Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I180067 Myron Felckowski Tree 
7 Beimdicke, Emma Marie  16 Nov 1921Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I184747 Myron Felckowski Tree 
8 Betro, Regina L.  Nov 1986Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I45915 Myron Felckowski Tree 
9 Bohman, Lloyd F.  15 Aug 2014Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I62958 Myron Felckowski Tree 
10 Brandl, Andrew Charles  10 May 1973Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I86731 Myron Felckowski Tree 
11 Bremmer, Karl Jr  28 Jun 2007Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I148737 Myron Felckowski Tree 
12 Bringman, Edward Frank  26 Sep 1927Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I193969 Myron Felckowski Tree 
13 Buczkowska, Caroline  25 Mar 1945Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I142122 Myron Felckowski Tree 
14 Corner, John  3 Jan 1931Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I199844 Myron Felckowski Tree 
15 Czlapinski, Frances  Nov 1985Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I106379 Myron Felckowski Tree 
16 Demski, Katherine  25 Mar 1953Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I54834 Myron Felckowski Tree 
17 Densch, Robert G.  15 Feb 2012Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I128464 Myron Felckowski Tree 
18 Duda, Helen D.  3 Nov 1997Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I37979 Myron Felckowski Tree 
19 Durward, Lorne Sr Campbell  4 Apr 1936Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I172496 Myron Felckowski Tree 
20 Erickson, William E.  8 Apr 1972Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I193977 Myron Felckowski Tree 
21 Ethier, Joseph II (Akey)  6 Oct 1884Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I133127 Myron Felckowski Tree 
22 Flaig, Paul Jr  14 Mar 1996Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I82509 Myron Felckowski Tree 
23 Flaig, Paul Sr  18 May 1988Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I82508 Myron Felckowski Tree 
24 Fritsche, Elaine I.  8 Feb 2015Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I197458 Myron Felckowski Tree 
25 Fritsche, Robert J.  19 Jun 2013Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I197460 Myron Felckowski Tree 
26 Froeba, Martina M.  23 May 1998Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I191868 Myron Felckowski Tree 
27 Fulton, Ann Jane  25 Oct 2002Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I105266 Myron Felckowski Tree 
28 Gebert, Joseph Clarence (Sandy)  8 Mar 1968Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I164007 Myron Felckowski Tree 
29 Gosselin, Rose Delina (Joslin)  17 Apr 1904Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I133128 Myron Felckowski Tree 
30 Grandshaw, Adelle (Dell Odilla Grandchamp)  10 Jul 1912Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I197342 Myron Felckowski Tree 
31 Groshek, August Sr (Graczykowski Groutcha)  24 Nov 1961Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I80790 Myron Felckowski Tree 
32 Groshek, Joseph Sr M.  9 Nov 2005Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I80794 Myron Felckowski Tree 
33 Gumz, Herman F.  30 Nov 1945Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I131526 Myron Felckowski Tree 
34 Hamm, Frank (Franz) Sr  16 Nov 1904Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I142054 Myron Felckowski Tree 
35 Hartjes, Antonia (Antoinette Anna)  3 Sep 1941Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I175611 Myron Felckowski Tree 
36 Hartjes, John Gerard  29 Nov 1949Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I147271 Myron Felckowski Tree 
37 Hartjes, Marvin J.  12 Jul 1999Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I130835 Myron Felckowski Tree 
38 Hartjes, Merton Anthony  24 Apr 2013Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I147269 Myron Felckowski Tree 
39 Hartjes, Wayne L.  23 Nov 2010Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I147270 Myron Felckowski Tree 
40 Herman, Adolph (Alfred Hermann)  3 May 1934Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I192811 Myron Felckowski Tree 
41 Hetzel, David Sr  5 Oct 1934Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I190022 Myron Felckowski Tree 
42 Hetzel, Frederick (Fred) Carl  13 Mar 1962Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I190024 Myron Felckowski Tree 
43 Hetzel, John Charles  26 Aug 1984Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I190030 Myron Felckowski Tree 
44 Hetzel, Margaret K.  8 Jun 2004Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I190053 Myron Felckowski Tree 
45 Hilgers, Frank  Jun 1967Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I88891 Myron Felckowski Tree 
46 Hilgers, John Peter  3 Jan 1940Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I88905 Myron Felckowski Tree 
47 Hilgers, Martin  18 Oct 1939Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I27727 Myron Felckowski Tree 
48 Hilgers, Nicholas Peter  23 Mar 1913Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I88906 Myron Felckowski Tree 
49 Hoffsteader, Barbara  25 Mar 1951Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I145098 Myron Felckowski Tree 
50 Jadack, Charles Rudolph  20 Oct 1968Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I112118 Myron Felckowski Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Greisinger, Anna  24 Jan 1920Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I157648 Myron Felckowski Tree 
2 Groshek, John  Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I80792 Myron Felckowski Tree 
3 Hartjes, John Gerard  2 Dec 1949Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I147271 Myron Felckowski Tree 
4 Joosten, John  18 Jul 1936Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I83995 Myron Felckowski Tree 
5 Joosten, Martin  27 Jun 1925Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I146556 Myron Felckowski Tree 
6 Kath, Albert  18 Mar 2010Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I26417 Myron Felckowski Tree 
7 Kath, Henry Charles  18 Jun 1953Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I74106 Myron Felckowski Tree 
8 Marceau, Eugene  6 Nov 1916Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I119757 Myron Felckowski Tree 
9 Panzer, Wolfgang  Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I142802 Myron Felckowski Tree 
10 Peters, Dorothy  4 May 1977Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I85793 Myron Felckowski Tree 
11 Polcinske, Cecilia D. (Pulchinski)  1 Apr 2000Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I94316 Myron Felckowski Tree 
12 Raikowski, Stephen  5 Feb 1965Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I73980 Myron Felckowski Tree 
13 Van Dyke, Anne  10 Aug 1938Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I147276 Myron Felckowski Tree 
14 Zimmerman, William Adam  27 Jan 1958Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I168547 Myron Felckowski Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Kempen, Lucille Ann  1976Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I90535 Myron Felckowski Tree 
2 Mills, Annie  1901Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I128641 Myron Felckowski Tree 
3 Redmond, Mary Frances  1901Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I128642 Myron Felckowski Tree 
4 Schudy, Anton (Shuda)  1950Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I24554 Myron Felckowski Tree 
5 Skibba, Jacob Jr  Between 1882 and 1891Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA I36565 Myron Felckowski Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Abler / Van Asten  27 Oct 1926Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F73459 Myron Felckowski Tree 
2 Arnold / Lang  28 Jul 1956Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F18645 Myron Felckowski Tree 
3 Aron / Trickle  28 Oct 1930Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F44035 Myron Felckowski Tree 
4 Bates / Grandshaw  4 Apr 1880Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F74021 Myron Felckowski Tree 
5 Bates / Redmond  20 Nov 1907Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F31650 Myron Felckowski Tree 
6 Bringman / Timmerman  1916Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F72580 Myron Felckowski Tree 
7 Brockman / Wirtz  10 Apr 1902Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F59683 Myron Felckowski Tree 
8 Burant / Lang  28 Sep 1963Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F37777 Myron Felckowski Tree 
9 Bushmaker / Johnson  16 Apr 1901Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F68404 Myron Felckowski Tree 
10 Czapiewski / Nalborski  1903Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F57132 Myron Felckowski Tree 
11 Flaig / Janick  10 Jan 1887Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F38146 Myron Felckowski Tree 
12 Flaig / Langer  1 May 1912Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F18150 Myron Felckowski Tree 
13 Fritsche / Herman  28 Jun 1922Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F72138 Myron Felckowski Tree 
14 Fritsche / Juneau  12 Jan 1891Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F72136 Myron Felckowski Tree 
15 Gaetke / Pedrazoli  14 Feb 1949Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F55290 Myron Felckowski Tree 
16 Gumz / Karth  5 Mar 1889Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F48783 Myron Felckowski Tree 
17 Hartjes / Dorshorst  8 Jun 1920Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F48567 Myron Felckowski Tree 
18 Hetzel / Marzofka  3 Mar 1920Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F70917 Myron Felckowski Tree 
19 Hilgers / Coenen  9 Jun 1931Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F33640 Myron Felckowski Tree 
20 Jackan / Bushmaker  27 Oct 1936Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F68412 Myron Felckowski Tree 
21 Jagodzinski / Schmick  5 Jun 1911Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F46628 Myron Felckowski Tree 
22 Jagodzinski / Van Asten  21 Aug 1940Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F53946 Myron Felckowski Tree 
23 Joosten / Stelzer  18 Aug 1908Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F31753 Myron Felckowski Tree 
24 Joosten / Ubinger  5 Aug 1953Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F65596 Myron Felckowski Tree 
25 Kampschoer / Johnson  24 May 1947Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F69931 Myron Felckowski Tree 
26 Kath / Umbach  19 Sep 1906Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F70843 Myron Felckowski Tree 
27 Kelly / Flaig  21 Jan 1913Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F23242 Myron Felckowski Tree 
28 Kitowski / Lang  17 Oct 1916Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F4125 Myron Felckowski Tree 
29 Kromenakker / Shelfhout  25 Sep 1899Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F57392 Myron Felckowski Tree 
30 Kubisiak / Frost  21 Oct 1936Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F44478 Myron Felckowski Tree 
31 Levendoske / Rozie  24 Aug 1932Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F56983 Myron Felckowski Tree 
32 Magee / Bates  4 Jun 1929Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F74034 Myron Felckowski Tree 
33 Matthews / Fogarty  15 Jul 1903Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F39906 Myron Felckowski Tree 
34 McGregor / Bates  26 Feb 1885Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F74022 Myron Felckowski Tree 
35 Mersch / Chelsey  1 Jul 1902Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F32671 Myron Felckowski Tree 
36 Mersch / Kugel  1 Aug 1904Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F32674 Myron Felckowski Tree 
37 Mersch / Share  7 Jun 1932Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F32675 Myron Felckowski Tree 
38 Morgan / Timmerman  8 May 1917Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F72578 Myron Felckowski Tree 
39 Olshefski / Schiltz  10 Jun 1890Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F37160 Myron Felckowski Tree 
40 Omholt / Bates  24 May 1911Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F51536 Myron Felckowski Tree 
41 Pascavis / Schmick  Aug 1913Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F72544 Myron Felckowski Tree 
42 Piltz / Omholt  9 Apr 1902Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F49387 Myron Felckowski Tree 
43 Provost / Lawrence  6 Oct 1906Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F74634 Myron Felckowski Tree 
44 Schultz / Pagels  4 Dec 1913Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F73987 Myron Felckowski Tree 
45 Slattery / Fogarty  5 Jun 1906Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F39907 Myron Felckowski Tree 
46 Smrz / Joosten  20 Aug 1974Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F34233 Myron Felckowski Tree 
47 Stelzer / Van de Loop  1 Sep 1937Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F66995 Myron Felckowski Tree 
48 Stoddard / Schlenvogt  20 Jun 1917Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F33614 Myron Felckowski Tree 
49 Stout / Livernash  7 May 1940Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F53524 Myron Felckowski Tree 
50 Van de Loop / De Byl  11 Apr 1905Rudolph, Wood County, WI USA F66993 Myron Felckowski Tree 

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