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Deborah West

Female Abt 1803 - 1850  (~ 47 years)

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(Notes: You may have to scroll down or right to see chart.)

Hugh Carley Male
Cora Carley Female
Minnie D. Carley Female
Lewis (Louis) Sr Antoine Precourt Male
New chart
Elizabeth (Lillie) Carley Female
Orsen DeForest Gates Male
New chart
Simeon Jr Earl Carley Male
Sadie A. Van Buskirk Female
New chart
Effie I. Newby Female
Angeline Newby Female
Simeon Sr Carley Male
Myrtle Newby Female
M. W. Sanders Male
Mable I. Newby Female
Elmer T. Eskritt Male
New chart
Effie I. Newby Female
George Jr L. Van Buskirk Male
New chart
Simeon Jr Earl Carley Male
Raymond E. Newby Male
Edythe Mabel Davis Female
New chart
Ripley Gilbert Newby Male
Anna Lois Precourt Female
New chart
Violet D. Newby Female
Harry Peterson Male
Gilbert A. Newby Male
Rosamond Emma Clark Female
Carrie F. Newby Female
Clair (Clare) Justin Hulce Male
New chart
Charles J. Newby Male
George Scott Newby Male
Florence (Meyers) Myers Female
New chart
James (Jessie) Sr (I.) Sandiva Newby Male
Jennie Nelson Female
New chart
Helen Lepinski Female
New chart
Fred Sr F. Newby Male
Ethel May Barden Female
New chart
Alice C. Newby Female
John P. Kingsbury Male
William (Woolcocks Woolcoski) Wilcox Male
New chart
Corbett (Guy) Newby Male
Estelle Unknown Female
Allen C. Newby Male
Robert Newby Male
Warren Newby Male
John Jr (Jock) Thomas Newby Male
Caroline L. Vandervoort Female
Mary J. Newby Female
Clay C. Newby Male
Rena G. Unknown Female
New chart
Ruby D. Newby Female
Wesley (Leslie) H. Newby Male
Doris Marie Unknown Female
Joyce B. Newby Male
Charles Edwin Newby Male
Hattie Lorinda (Louisa) Rood Female
Lewis A. Newby Male
Osmer P. Newby Male
Merle Newby Female
Otis A. Woods Male
Warren Austin Newby Male
Luella Agnes Thorn Female
Lloyd Irvin Newby Male
Emma Helene Rockney Female
New chart
Grant Newby Male
Grace Newby Female
Lynn Jay Newby Male
Irvin (Irwin Erwin) Charles Newby Male
Julia A. Wanty Female
John Sr Newby Male
Delilah Upthagrove Female
Lovina V. Tuthill Female
Carrie (Cora) A. Newby Female
William A. Danforth Male
New chart
Bertha Newby Female
Thomas Milton Hodgden Male
New chart
Clarence Sr Nelson Newby Male
Bessie Smith Female
New chart
Narrie Cicily Newby Female
John Sr Sterling Moss Male
New chart
Forrest Grant L. Newby Male
Mabelle Russell Female
New chart
William H. Newby Male
Edna C. Hollenbeck Female
New chart
Nelson William Newby Male
Kathryn Geemes Female
Blanche Smith Female
Fred Davis Male
James Doran Male
Walter N. Smith Male
Maria McGown Female
Matilda Mabel Smith Female
James III Isherwood Male
New chart
Harvey (Henry) J. Smith Male
Amy (Anna) McGown Female
New chart
Mary D. Smith Female
Theodore C. Nielson Male
Lizzie B. Smith Female
Esther Newby Female
Charles (James Jr Charles) Smith Male
Wiliam Harvey Beach Male
Elizabeth (Lillian) Newby Female
Harvey Beach Male
Delia L. Trufant Female
William Edwin Russell Male
Allen Lambert Jr Trufant Male
Ward E. Edwards Male
Frances Edna Edwards Female
Ralph Lester Holsworth Male
John Naylor Jr Edwards Male
Sadie Neil Female
New chart
Grace C. Edwards Female
Charles Jarvis Male
Chloe Jane Newby Female
John Naylor Sr Edwards Male
Ensign Clermont Newby Male
Anna Kathryn Yokers Female
New chart
Clay E. Newby Male
Cora Rice Female
Ida M. Newby Female
John E. Dorsha Male
New chart
Percy George Newby Male
Dora Ann Boushley Female
New chart
Matilda E. Newby Female
C. F. Hoffstatter Male
Harrison M. Newby Male
Loretta K. Koltz Female
New chart
Ethel Newby Female
Unknown Mills Male
Leonard S. Newby Male
Edith Newby Female
Unknown Haffstetter Male
George (Charles) Oliver Newby Male
Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie M.) Myers Female
Estella (Stella) L. Newby Female
Anton Green Male
New chart
Earl V. Newby Male
Margaret Elizabeth Chase Female
Elsa (Elsie) R. Newby Female
Franklin (Frank) II Stanley Halladay Male
New chart
Thomas (Gordon) Jefferson Newby Male
Mary C. Norton Female
William Sr Newby Male
Matilda Barnett Female
Martha Warner Female
Ann Newby Female
Jacob Steimers Male
Purl Howard Woodbury Male
Jennie Unknown Female
New chart
Lilla Woodbury Female
Charles E. Sr Hallison Male
New chart
E. H. Rothman Male
Margaret Ann Newby Female
Marcus A. Woodbury Male
Hattie B. Huntley Female
Ollie M. Huntley Female
Edward H. Rothman Male
New chart
Jemima Jane Newby Female
Fred Jr Herman Huntley Male
Mamie Valeria Newby Female
Minnie Newby Female
Thomas Jr Newby Male
Thomas Sr Newby Male
Julia Shelburn Female
William W. Thompson Male
Lula Thompson Female
Harriett S. Newby Female
Charles Thompson Male
Elizabeth Allen Female
Frederick Allen Male
Estella May Stuart Female
George L. Stuart Male
Letitia May Newby Female
Charles Austin (Stuart Steward) Stewart Male
Eli Benjamin Newby Male
Cecel B. Newby Female
Frank C. Wenzel Male
New chart
Ward W. Newby Male
Bertha E. Wenzel Female
New chart
Mae R. Newby Female
Arleigh J. Hetzel Male
Charles Austin Newby Male
Rose Amelia Puariea Female
Katherine Laskowski Female
Beulah C. Springer Female
Joseph Springer Male
Belle Jonna H. Newby Female
John H. Springer Male
Violet Fisher Female
A. R. Coults Male
Unknown Cribari Male
Meryl Gething Fisher Male
Anna M. Gavin Female
Cora (Carrie Clara) Ann Newby Female
William F. Fisher Male
Benjamin E. Newby Male
Bessie Loreen Newby Female
Irvin Jr S. Albertie Male
New chart
Guy Oliver Newby Male
Esther E. Newby Female
Harry Joseph Precourt Male
New chart
Jay Raymond Newby Male
LaVera Pichelman Female
New chart
Dorothy Mae Skilling Female
New chart
William (Willie) R. Newby Male
Lettie (C. or A.) Cornell Female
Lloyd Benson Male
Living Female
Living Male
Mabel Newby Female
Bude A. Benson Male
George Campbell Caniel Newby Male
Elizabeth Martha Russell Female
Esther Newby Female
John William Ross Carpenter Male
Margaret Newby Female
Nicholas John Carpenter Male
Leaman Chrysler Male
Glenn Avon Newby Male
Grace Belle Langton Female
New chart
Orville W. Newby Male
Bertha M. Sterling Female
New chart
Olive Vietta Newby Female
Harold Sr D. Hale Male
New chart
Gladys Leona Newby Female
William Hammond Coddington Male
New chart
Clarence Eugene Church Male
Vernon Clair Newby Male
Cora I. Skeel Female
Archie T. Newby Male
Myron Sr M. Newby Male
Nada P. Precourt Female
New chart
Mildred Jane Newby Female
Leslie F. Fox Male
New chart
Kenneth Newby Male
Living Female
New chart
William J. Newby Male
Olive F. White Female
Clarence Newby Male
Hazel May Newby Female
Francis Delong Newby Male
Isabell Wolf Female
New chart
John Newby Male
Arnette Sophia Burk Female
Jennie Knisley Female
Charles Henry Knisley Male
Rachel Newby Female
Absolom Knisley Male
Al Hollet Male
Thomas Jr Newby Male
Jane Brown Female
Sarah J. Russell Female
Amada Newby Female
Hale Newby Male
Albert Newby Male
Mary Unknown Female
James Newby Male
Mary Newby Female
Harriet Newby Female
Emma Newby Female
George A. Newby Male
Robert Ellis Newby Male
Jane (Jennie) Unknown Female
Earl Levant Altenburg Male
Anna Barker Female
Worth Altenburg Male
Ethel Violet Barker Female
Laurence L. Hale Male
New chart
Orville E. Parks Male
Charles Myron Barker Male
Elizabeth Margaret Gilman Female
Mary Jane Newby Female
Charley Barker Male
Iva E. White Female
James Edward (Lea) Lee Male
William B. White Male
Raymond C. Bennett Male
Ethel Mae Berry Female
New chart
Opal V. Bennett Female
Raymond Sr R. O'Keefe Male
New chart
Stella Louise Bennett Female
Edward M. O'Keefe Male
New chart
Viva J. Bennett Female
Harley R. Ameigh Male
New chart
Ernest E. Bennett Male
Minnie A. Adams Female
Lawrence Harry Carley Male
Inez Blanche Iveson Female
Naira (Nora) Amy Bennett Female
Simon W. Carley Male
Ina A. Bennett Female
Jemima Newby Female
Jay Bennett Male
Deborah West Female
Thomas Sr Newby Male